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With many of today’s buyers seeking the comfort and privacy of suburbs while also craving city-like amenities, StorageCafe set out to identify the best U.S. suburbs with urban flair.

The online platform analyzed 912 cities with populations between 10,000 and 100,000 in the 100 largest metropolitan areas and identified 20 markets that cater to the needs of both multigenerational households and young professionals who can now work from anywhere.

Looking at several factors, including residential landscape, demographics, business environment, shopping and dining amenities, health, education, safety, transportation options, and self-storage prices and availability, four of 2023’s top 20 suburban hotspots are in California, but a couple Midwest and East Coast cities are also represented.

Below are the 10 best suburban hot spots and what made them stand out from the crowd, according to StorageCafe.

1. Edina, Minnesota: Edina scores well across the board with a surprisingly vibrant entertainment scene, good transportation options, and a lively job sector. A significant 40% of the housing stock consists of apartments, which translates into a more diverse housing scene to accommodate various lifestyles.

2. Falls Church, Virginia: With around 15,000 residents, Falls Church is one of the smallest suburbs among the top 20, but it still managed to rank second nationally for a city-like environment. It is packed with amenities that allow a comfortable lifestyle, and the housing inventory is equally divided between single-family and multifamily options.

3. Palo Alto, California: Palo Alto’s highlights include a diverse local economy and an active job market even as tech layoffs continue across the Bay Area. In terms of housing costs, Palo Alto is home to some of the priciest real estate in the nation, but incomes tend to bridge the affordability gap as the city has the fourth-highest median income among all locations analyzed.

4. Franklin, Tennessee: This historic suburb of Nashville offers a lot in terms of urban-like lifestyle. It has a good business infrastructure, and it’s relatively affordable in terms of housing, while amenities like shops and restaurants are found around every corner.

5. Venice, Florida: With a 15% increase in local population over the past five years, Venice is rapidly changing. It taps into urban territory thanks to lively streets, a diverse residential sector, and plenty of entertainment opportunities. Less than 50% of homes here are single-family residences, ensuring access to varied housing options.

6. Suwanee, Georgia: A great place for raising a family, mainly thanks to its well-performing schooling system, this Atlanta suburb also offers diverse living options, including high-quality mixed-use developments, as well as an array of culture and entertainment amenities.

7. Los Gatos, California: Located in the Silicon Valley area, the San Jose suburb of Los Gatos has many features that make it attractive for urban enthusiasts, including a lively business environment, a walkable downtown area, and numerous shopping and dining options.

8. Burlingame, California: This San Francisco suburb has a relatively affordable housing market and a very active business environment. The housing inventory is divided almost equally between single-family and multifamily, ensuring living options tailored for every taste and budget.

9. Lone Tree, Colorado: Lone Tree features a great combination of housing, jobs, and entertainment that make it suitable for any type of lifestyle. Moreover, its location between Denver and Colorado Springs opens up a world of short work commutes and extra recreational possibilities for residents.

10. Burlington, Massachusetts: This Boston suburb is relatively affordable and offers an excellent business infrastructure. There are many walkable areas, such as Third Avenue, where residents can enjoy the green space and go shopping and eating.