As all home builders know, building codes are ever evolving. Many cities and states across the country are modernizing their energy building codes to drive all-electric, clean energy building practices, a trend often referred to as electrification.

Smart, all-electric homes that come standard with solar panels, battery backup and EV charging are increasing in popularity in places like California, Colorado, New York - and elsewhere. According to reports, the zero-energy buildings market is expected to grow by more than $91 billion from 2020 to 2025 at a CAGR of 26.41%.

Spurred by building code updates, consumer demand, more affordable solar technology and climate concerns, energy efficiency is a building trend that’s here to stay. There are several benefits for builders that standardize on all-electric, smart home amenities like solar.

With solar energy uniquely positioned to meet new building codes, fulfill ESG goals and satisfy growing homeowner demand for clean energy, there’s never been a better time for builders to integrate solar energy into their plans. In fact, many industry-leading builders are getting ahead of the curve by standardizing on smart-home amenities like solar, storage and EV charging now.

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