Image Courtesy of Toll Brothers
Image Courtesy of Toll Brothers

Thanks to the dramatic reduction of solar costs over the past 10 years, electricity is now a commodity that consumers can either buy from their local utility or generate themselves with solar power. The lower cost of solar combined with improvements in zero-down solar financing (for qualified customers) means that solar is often now less expensive than purchasing power from the electric utilities for many Americans. Essentially, today’s homebuyer can buy lower priced, clean and reliable electricity for decades to come instead of paying ever-increasing utility rates.1

“If given the choice to pay less for clean energy compared to higher priced power plant energy with the likelihood of price increases in the future, the choice is simple,” says Matt Brost, vice president of sales for SunPower, a leading national solar energy company. “It’s time that we all rethink traditional energy. Builders can now offer customers lower priced clean energy at zero cost to themselves with zero-down financing options for the homebuyer.”

Investor expectations are also driving increased builder focus on sustainability. A recent Builder Online article revealed how builders with an ESG (environmental, social and governance) focus are quickly outgunning those without one on the investment capital front.2 And a recent survey conducted by Forbes found that 47% of executive-level respondents within the engineering and construction industries said that sustainability is top-of-mind.3

KB Home recently published its 15th Annual Sustainability Report, which highlights the company’s leadership in ESG and long-term pursuit to build better homes, better communities, and a better future.

“We installed our first solar system in 2005, and since then have built over 14,000 solar-powered homes with SunPower,” said Jacob Atalla, vice president of innovation and sustainability at KB Home. “They’ve been a tremendous partner, helping us lower the overall cost of homeownership and enable our customers to enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle.”

Landsea Homes is also doubling down on sustainability in new communities across the county.

“Standardizing on solar is another example of our innovative approach to our industry,” says Peter Beucke, vice president of innovation and sustainability for Landsea Homes. “It supports our aggressive ESG initiatives and allows our new home buyers to lock in a lower energy price for 25 years.”

With solar uniquely positioned to fulfill ESG goals, provide a lower cost of energy, and meet growing homeowner demand for renewables, there’s never been a more meaningful time for builders to incorporate solar energy, battery storage and EV charging into their communities

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1In 2021, the average nominal retail electricity price paid by U.S. residential electric customers increased 4.3% from 2020. Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, March 2022.