It’s no secret that the active adult buyer wants it all. But can a home have both low-maintenance features and style that appeals? With tile options and effective design solutions, easy care and durability are realistic opportunities for the 55-plus buyer in flooring, countertops, backsplashes, and more.

Options Overload

Lita Dirks & Co. Tile options are available in styles to suit any purpose.

In previous homes, 55-plus buyers may have settled into a space that fit their needs, but not necessarily their desires. Now, they aren’t looking to compromise; they’re looking for choices to customize their dream home. With the amount of tile options these days, selections for the 55-plus buyer are more numerous and varied than ever before. From the warmth of wood-look tile to the sleek sophistication of marble-look tile, there’s no shortage of selections or design excitement. Faux wood tile is a great option for an airy, open floor plan, and faux marble tile completes a spa-like bathroom. Many manufacturers even offer styles that have the flexibility to be installed indoors or outdoors, creating a seamless flow between spaces.

Love for Low Maintenance
Tiles are a fabulous finish and create a low-maintenance option for the 55-plus buyer and can be seen throughout the NEXTadventure home. Large format tiles, exceeding the average 12”x12”, develop an aesthetically pleasing and open look as well as easier maintenance resulting from fewer grout lines. With large format tiling, installation is effortless and tiles can be individually replaced if scratched, stained, or cracked.

Durability Demands
Along with the prospect of lower maintenance, faux wood and faux marble tiling produce lasting durability for areas such as floors, counters, and backsplashes. Due to the softness of wood, scratching is inevitable, and with darker finishes these scratches tend to stand out. Tile creates a strong, sturdy surface that appeals to the wear and tear a 55-plus buyer might expect in their dream home. Also, rather than using real marble, which is typically soft and porous, a faux marble tile creates a tough surface that is resilient to etching and stains that may come from red wine or hot pans—this is important as the NEXTadventure buyer loves to entertain.

Be sure to visit the NEXTadventure Home at the 2017 International Builders' Show to see how tile choices and installments cater to the desires of the active adult buyer.