The interior design team at PulteGroup, Inc. (NYSE: PHM) is out Wednesday with its annual look at the top trends to look for this year.

“Much like a change to spring weather, warm natural elements are brightening up homes this season, in combination with a clean, modern approach that does not sacrifice comfort,” said Angela Nuessle, national director of interior design for PulteGroup. “Color is also playing a big role in design as we see a shift from cool-toned gray palettes to light brown-based tones. Layering these warm neutrals and combining them with vibrant accents will be key to making homes fresh and stylish for spring.”

PulteGroup’s in-house team of interior designers exclusively merchandise, design, and furnish model homes across all brands nationwide. Inspired by the lives of home buyers and influenced by the latest trends, the team will design and decorate upwards of 450 model homes in 2019.

“When incorporating these trends, the best approach is the stay true to your personal taste with items you love and subtly add in the trendy elements,” said Nuessle. “Don’t force a design decision simply because it’s what is in style, let the trends serve as a guide to creating a space that is meaningful to you.”

Spring Home Design Trends:

1. Light Wood Tones

Spring is bringing light wood tones to interiors for a brighter, more open-feel inside the home. Lighter wood grains can be dressed up for a classic upscale feel or down for a more comfortable and casual look. Incorporating these elements through cabinetry, flooring, and furniture selections is easy and trend forward.

2. Natural Materials

Raw materials and found objects are making their way into interior design and are more popular than ever. This season’s designs are inspired by soft, organic shapes displayed in furniture, accents, and art that stray away from hard, geometric designs that have been popular the past few years.

3. Casually Modern Aesthetic

The modern approach to an overall clean interior is making a big impact within all design styles. Staying away from being deemed too “matchy-matchy”, this look resembles more of an eclectic feel. Interiors are streamlined and uncluttered, but do not sacrifice comfort and livability.

Top Color Trends:

Layered neutrals meet vibrant accents in the top color trends for spring. Click here to watch.

1. Taupe Tones

Taking a detour from the popular gray palette, spring brings a warm transition with the addition of more brown-based tones.

2. Warm Whites

Defrost from winter with soft whites that are bright and crisp but add a touch of warmth and yield a multidimensional ability.

3. Variations of Green

On trend for spring, green serves as a warm grounding neutral, with added complexity, that makes for a versatile and serene look.

4. Blue Hues

Blue has been popular as an accent hue for the last few years, but this spring we will see the color transition into more of a neutral color in design. With its complexity and ability to play well with other colors, it is no wonder why interiors are starting to feel blue.

5. Onyx Elements

Gone are the days of shying away from daring dark colors. Onyx can be styled as bold or casual to bring high contrast and an elevated elegance to any space in the home. The color remains a timeless and beautiful go-to that will make a big wave in design this season.