If you have met Gerard McCaughey, CEO and chairman at Entekra, you know he’s passionate about change. His passion was the impetus for his thriving business that is based on process innovation in housing – fully integrated off-site solutions.

Yet, McCaughey would say it’s not really change he’s after. It’s more that he’s dumbfounded by the amount of waste in current construction methods—wasted time, wasted resources, inefficiencies. And that wasted time is becoming a much bigger strain on the industry than ever before.

As a recent report of nearly 600 construction leaders from PlanGrid and FMI Corporation points out, time spent on fixing mistakes, looking for project data and managing conflict resolution accounts for $177.5 billion in labor costs per year in the U.S. The study also shows that rework will cost the U.S. construction industry more than $31 billion this year.

That means construction workers lose almost two full working days each week solving avoidable issues and searching for project information. McCaughey’s integrated solution takes the design, engineering and manufacturing off site to create efficiencies and reduce the reported five and a half hours that workers spend, on average. searching for project data, revised drawings, and material cut sheets.

Entekra’s system will mean fewer on-site conflicts and minimal reworks, giving back another four hours a week. Nearly a quarter of reworks originate with poor project information, such as incorrect project data. This 3D-modeled, advanced panelized framing process that McCaughey promotes is being used for the 2019 BUILDER Concept Home KB Home ProjeKt: Where Tomorrow Lives, along with partners such as MiTek® Industries.

KB Home and KTGY Architecture + Planning worked together with Entekra and MiTek’s SAPPHIRE® 3D structural component design and manufacturing software to build out the home’s frame with precise MEP placement and to optimize the HVAC.

Another way that the ProjeKt is combating miscommunication and rework waste is by using MiTek’s SAPPHIRE Build Portal, a digital repository collecting and managing documents for better version control. Entekra will use MiTek automated truss manufacturing equipment,

In this short video, Greg Renner, vice president of marketing at MiTek, and McCaughey speak to the collaboration and technology used to drive efficiency in the design, engineering and construction of the KB Home ProjeKt.

Through the collaboration in multiple aspects of the BUILDER KB Home ProjeKt, the efficiencies noted in the report were realized. By driving construction to where manufacturing is delivering to the last mile, it creates a just-in-time approach, says John Murphy, senior consultant at FMI Corporation.

“Issues with schedule or design changes in the past had to go through four or five different filters, and the stakeholders that had concerns with that maybe didn’t even get the information,” says Murphy. “But technologies give us the ability to automate this communication, if there is a change impacting the manufacturing line, it optimizes all the downstream impacts. It can automatically make the notifications, rather than mobilizing a crew to the field that they aren’t receiving a delivery for another three days.”

As McCaughey is proving that there is little risk to using this process, the technologies continue to improve, eliminating more of the waste.

“The bottom line element is the cost and the risk – with these technologies and off-site construction, you push risk farther upstream and place it in a controlled environment,” says Murphy. “You are then minimizing risk due to safety on the job site, and loss of time and also reducing risk due to weather and actually on site for a shorter amount of time. Gets you to the point that it’s not really construction as much as logistics management situation and the construction is limited to lower skill folks instead of specialty trades that cost hundreds of dollars an hour. It can really drive value through every aspect of the process.”

Continue to track the progress of the KB Home ProjeKt: Where Tomorrow Lives online and see the reveal in Feburary in Vegas.

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