Ellison Bronze

Designing easily accessible and unobstructed spaces is a priority for architects and builders alike. Ellison Bronze has published ADA Planning Guide for Entrances and Doors, which explores the scoping and technical requirements for accessible entrances and doors in the ADA Standards.

The guide—which helps ensure that state and local government buildings, public accommodations, living spaces are readily accessible to and useable by individuals with disabilities—includes four section detailing design requirements for doors and entrances in new construction or retrofit facilities subject to ADA standards:

  • Accessible Entrances: Minimum Number
  • Doors, Doorways, and Gates
  • Automatic and Power-Assisted Doors and Gates
  • Common Questions

“The specification process can be complex and we wanted to provide a resource to streamline it for doors and entrances,” says Roger Overend, president and CEO at Ellison Bronze. “It is a convenient tool covering the basic ADA scope, taking into account the aspects of door design—sizes, clearance requirements, accessible routes, and more.”

The guide also includes charts, graphics,and recommendations.

Download the ADA Planning Guide for Entrances and Doors here.