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As seen implemented by popular HGTV designers on "Rock the Block" and other home shows, having two complete kitchens is a rising trend for luxury homeowners. Insider asked Rachel Stults, the managing editor at, for her take on the niche trend.

"It's a little bit more rare, and it's probably obviously for more of the luxury crowd, but there is this trend of two kitchens happening now," Stults told Insider.

Indeed, Stults went on to say that many luxury homes today have two kitchens.

One will serve as the main kitchen that you see when you walk into a home, while the secondary kitchen is more closed off. The second space functions somewhat like a butler's pantry, which is typically a walk-in pantry with counter space for food prep or a sink. However, a second kitchen is truly just another room in your house and will have appliances, like a dishwasher, refrigerator, or even a stove, in addition to cabinetry.

"You've got your kitchen for entertaining and then you have your kitchen for the actual prep work and where the dishes go," Stults said of why luxury homeowners want two kitchens in their homes.

For instance, when these homeowners throw a party, they can have food available to guests in their larger kitchen, while dirty dishes and cooking take place behind closed doors. They can also be helpful for families with children, as they offer a kid-friendly kitchen and a more adult space.

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