Looks count for a lot in design, but they’re not everything. That was the lesson learned from an earlier iteration of this backyard patio, which—while handsome and in sync with the home’s Tudor style—offered no refuge from either sunlight or winter weather, rendering the gathering spot unusable much of the time.

The owners’ desire to remedy the situation with a porch and pool addition was accomplished with a perfect balance of beauty and brains. Rather than adhering to strict Tudor style, the design adds rustic charm with a timber-frame structure and Tudor detailing that echoes the design of the existing home. The construction methods also subtly evoke Old World design with true mortise-and-tenon joints and wooden pegs in place of hardware whenever possible.

To avoid a just-added appearance, the team erected a new chimney that mirrors an existing chimney on the rear of the home, providing an outdoor fireplace that allows use of the space in cooler weather. An existing standing seam copper roof was extended to provide the roof of the porch, further blurring the distinction between where the old house ends and the addition begins.

Artful details, such as copper sconces and a weighted chain gate closure, offer accents that fit in nicely with both timber frame and Tudor styles.

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