The Pull Bar by Buster & Punch in Steel, with the backplate.
Fernando Molin The Pull Bar by Buster & Punch in Steel, with the backplate.

British home fashion label Buster + Punch has launched four new collections of uniquely- crafted handles: the T-Bar, Pull Bar, Closet Bar and Furniture Knob, known collectively as the HARDWARE collections. The handles encompass a variety of sizes, designs and recommended uses, and are all formed from solid metal with diamond-cut knurled detailing.

The small, industrial looking T-Bar handle gains its name from its knurled ends and solid base. The Pull Bar handle is longer, and features the signature knurled detailing along almost the whole length of the handle. The short, stout Furniture Knob has a similar detailing arrangement, and features a unique backplate arrangement. The T-Bar, Pull Bar and Furniture Knob are recommended for cabinet drawers, wardrobes, cupboards, kitchen units, or “anything that can open.” The Closet Bar is the longest option, designed for closets, wardrobes and long drawers specifically.

All Buster + Punch HARDWARE is available in Brass, Smoked Bronze, Steel and Black finishes, with or without the backplate and penny-button details. The handles’ uniform style is designed to match with Buster + Punch’s LIGHTING, ELECTRICITY and ACCESSORY collections.