Wallisch, Sean

Although there are many paths one can take on the road to becoming a remodeler, most of them don't involve starting out as a professional athlete.

Yet, according to REMODELING's Sean Wallisch, this is exactly how Washington, D.C., remodeler Cem Sevin, a former soccer pro, got his start. And now, construction is just another form of sport to him. "To me, futbol is a lifestyle," he says, using the Spanish term for what Americans call soccer. "I translate everything to futbol."

Sevin, originally from Istanbul, spent his early years as a professional soccer player in Europe. "All Turkish boys are born as a futbol player, some continue some do not. I continued," says Sevin. He went on to play for Turkish clubs Galatasary and Vefa, before moving on "to France, Italy, and finally the Portland Timbers until 2000 when I retired."

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