Matthew Carbone

This master bath, in a Long Island beach house, enjoys spectacular views of the water—but the north view presented a challenge when it came to creating a space that felt sunny and beachy. “The room needed to have a lot of life,” says architect Michael Lomont, who called on a palette of materials that was a little more extensive than his minimalist style usually warrants, while acknowledging the seaside environs. Here, the goal was to offset the northern exposure by encouraging as much play of light as possible. A skylight was set over the shower, which is lined with shiny glass tile that reflects light all day long, the blue of the tile mimicking the ocean on a sunny day. A large mirror facing the shower helps bounce light around the room, too. Sitting in the bathtub feels like being in a boat on the water—and the tub wall is lined in textured tile that recalls sand dollars and other marine jetsam. Nicely placed niches for shampoo bottles, soap, and other bath necessities have finishes that are crisply resolved.