Building Talent Foundation (BTF) entered a strategic collaboration with the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI), a trade association representing manufacturers of vinyl and polymeric siding. The collaboration aims to promote careers in construction and improve labor market outcomes for job seekers.

The organizations say the partnership aims to play “a pivotal role” in confronting the talent and labor shortage in the residential construction sector. Recent projections indicate the construction industry must add approximately 740,000 jobs annually during the coming decade to keep pace with demand. The failure to provide the labor necessary for the construction industry could hinder growth and expansion as well as impact the ability to meet housing demand.

Together, BTF and VSI will promote careers in construction and VSI’s Certified Installer Program, as well as assist graduates of the program with employment and work-based learning opportunities with BTF’s employer partners through its JobstoBuild construction career and job platform.

“I am excited about this collaboration with the Vinyl Siding Institute because it will generate more training and job opportunities for our program participants, particularly for young people and individuals from diverse backgrounds,” says BTF CEO Branka Minic. “In addition to providing opportunities for certification, employment, and advancement, it will also catalyze industry growth and rejuvenation by infusing it with a younger workforce.”

BTF is a national nonprofit dedicated to advancing the education, training, and career progression of youth and people from underrepresented groups in the residential construction sector. Through its collaboration with VSI and other residential construction leaders, BTF aims to bring 100,000 new skilled trade workers into construction by 2030.

“Our collaboration with Building Talent Foundation embodies our commitment to fostering a robust and diverse workforce within the construction industry,” says VSI president and CEO Kate Offringa. “By leveraging each other’s strengths, we can facilitate meaningful connections between graduates and employers, propelling the sector toward greater heights.”

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