Vinyl Siding Institute

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Building Talent Foundation Partners With Vinyl Siding Institute

The organizations will promote careers in construction and the Vinyl Siding... More

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What's the Latest in Insulated Vinyl Siding?

How has insulated siding changed since it was introduced almost 15 years ago? More

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Choosing siding for your homes depends on many variables.

What is the best exterior material to use on your houses? More

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The Other Side of (vinyl) Siding

ANY INDUSTRY WHOSE PRODUCT HAD a 40 percent–plus market share would be dancing a jig. And, in a way, vinyl siding manufacturers are. Here's why: According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, a Washington-based trade association of manufacturers and suppliers, vinyl is the exterior cladding of choice for twice as many homeowners as any other cladding product; is chosen more often for all homes priced up to $300,000; and is the most affordable exterior cladding on the market. More

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