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Home building platform Higharc has lured some high profile investors to help finance the expansion of its generative design technology.

Standard Investments, Home Depot Ventures, and Carl Bass have come on board to support the company, with investments that boosts its raised capital to $40 million.

"Revit and BIM transformed the architecture industry, and I see Higharc's generative design platform having a similar transformative effect on homes," says Carl Bass, former CEO and president of Autodesk, who will serve as an adviser. "I am thrilled to join the journey with Higharc, a pioneer in its field, as they lead the charge in reshaping the construction landscape and redefining how homes and communities come to life."

As home builders juggle legacy software systems, repetitive manual processes, and ever-changing regulatory standards, Higharc streamlines home design data and construction documents using automation. The platform, which can produce everything needed to design, sell, and build homes, also allows home buyers to configure new homes using online 3D models.

"Higharc isn't just a tool we're adding to our business. It can change the way we do business by solving a lot of the traditional problems in home building. As a result, we'll be more efficient as an organization," says Rob Krohn, vice president of marketing at Epcon Communities.

The platform, which was founded in 2018, can manage house plans and standards, produce material lists, and create permit-ready CDs automatically.

"We are thrilled to have Home Depot Ventures, Standard Investments, and Carl Bass join Higharc to bring innovation to the home building industry," says Marc Minor, CEO of Higharc. "Transformational change in critical industries like home building depends on robust partnerships. The decision of these industry leaders to support Higharc as we expand our platform speaks to the caliber of our team and the impact Higharc has made for builders across the country."