When we talk about green homes, we know that consumers want a home that’s healthy for them and their families, supports a sustainable lifestyle, and provides lower operating costs than a conventional home. One independent survey found that 75 percent of recent homeowners believed an energy guarantee would increase confidence in energy savings promoted by the builder. And more than 70 percent said an energy guarantee would increase their interest in purchasing a home. Wouldn’t it be nice to provide your customers with more than a “trust me” when it came to the energy savings your homes provide? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to prove your energy performance claims with a written promise? Now you can.

Bonded Builders Warranty Group, known for its comprehensive range of warranties and warranty programs for builders, homeowners, and lenders, recently launched a new Residential Energy Guarantee exclusively for builders of energy-efficient and green homes. As an added advantage for those participating in the Home Innovation Research Labs National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Green Certification Program, Bonded Builders Warranty has extended special discounted pricing for homes that are NGBS Green Certified. Builders of NGBS Green Certified homes now have the opportunity to offer a complete—and affordable—energy guarantee to their home buyers.

The Residential Energy Guarantee, which is available in terms of two, three, or five years, is based on the HERS rating report projections on total energy use of a home. For those builders who select to participate, Bonded Builders Warranty Group will pay their home buyers for any additional annual natural gas and electric costs over the HERS projection on an NGBS Green Certified Home, or other qualifying energy-efficient home.

The pricing opportunity Home Innovation has negotiated with Bonded Builders makes this option affordable for even the lowest-volume home builder. All NGBS Green Certification participating builders can purchase the Residential Energy Guarantee for the same price that usually is available only for builders purchasing more than 100 guarantees a year. Why did the Bonded Builders Group agree to extend this pricing to those participating in the Home Innovation program? They recognize that each NGBS Green Certified home is inherently better-built than most homes because it must pass the most stringent verification and certification processes established by Home Innovation Research Labs for compliance with the NGBS. Now NGBS Green Partner builders can bolster the value they already offer to consumers by participating in the Residential Energy Guarantee and passing that extra peace of mind to their buyers.