Image of Common Rose Butterfly on nature background. Insect Animal (Pachliopta aristolochiae goniopeltis Rothschild, 1908)
Image of Common Rose Butterfly on nature background. Insect Animal (Pachliopta aristolochiae goniopeltis Rothschild, 1908)

Taylor Morrison Home Corporation (NYSE: TMHC) announced today – Earth Day – the release of its first corporate responsibility report as a demonstration of its commitment to integrating sustainable values into all aspects of its business. The report is intended to showcase in a single format how the company makes corporate responsibility core to its business.

The report references the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards in several instances spanning environmental, social and governance performance indicators. The report signals a significant advance in the company's ESG reporting and transparency efforts.

"The release of our first corporate responsibility report is a significant milestone in Taylor Morrison's century-long history," said chairman and CEO Sheryl Palmer. "Through incorporating globally recognized reporting standards in our company's narrative, our past achievements and opportunities for future growth emerged. We will continue to build on our industry leadership in gender equality, habitat stewardship, corporate governance and volunteer service while setting ambitious goals and consistently evaluating and reporting our performance."

Detailing the company's performance from 2016-2018, highlights from the report include:

  • Formation of a strategic partnership with National Wildlife Federation (NWF) to apply its esteemed Certified Wildlife Habitat® standards to current and future community open space in Taylor Morrison communities while engaging team members, residents and the public in accessible, effective wildlife habitat restoration efforts.
  • With three new independent directors elected in the past year, the company's board of directors reached equal gender representation -- a rarity in corporate boards of any industry and a contributing factor to the company's inclusion on the 2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index.
  • Nine divisions and the corporate office participated in volunteer projects in support of HomeAid America, a leading national nonprofit provider of shelter housing for individuals and families facing homelessness. Palmer has accepted the role of chairman of the national board of directors for the 2019-2020 term.
  • Taylor Morrison was recognized for the fourth consecutive year as America's Most Trusted® Home Builder by Lifestory Research® — an unprecedented achievement — and partnered with a world-renown customer service leader to evaluate and refine its training and service practices to ensure they exceed evolving customer expectations.

In the report, Palmer describes a vision for continuous improvement in building a workforce with more ethnic diversity and thought leadership from more diverse fields. Through its partnership with NWF, the company has set two goals for 2019: to meet Certified Wildlife Habitat™ standards in at least one community in each division; and by taking the Monarch Pledge, committing to plant native milkweed and provide necessary elements for at least one butterfly garden in model home parks and community open space in each division.