Almost all home buyers today are searching for their next house online, a new player in the market is bringing a unique search tool to home shoppers.

The new visual search and discovery platform for new homes, called HomeLuv, launched today, is giving home buyers the ability to find homes based on interior images, floor plans and videos.

Similar to a platform like Pinterest or Houzz, prospective buyers are shown a selection of images from the database of more than 100,000 homes across the US, and the user indicates which images they like or dislike. HomLuv then creates a unique profile for them based on their design preferences. HomLuv says the images and floor plan styles showcased are selected and curated by home builders and designers, and include interior and exterior images of new homes—from master baths to man caves and craft rooms to kitchens, in various styles from traditional to ultra-modern. When a shopper sees something they like, they pin it to a board, and HomLuv’s AI engine then begins presenting more ideas that match the tastes.

Shoppers will also input criteria for the home search such as location, number of bedrooms, baths, and price range.

The site's artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing tools then match buyers with home builders who can build their ideal new home, in their desired location, and price range. The site matches buyers with any of the 1,000 builders in 10,000 communities featured on the site.

“With 67 percent of buyers considering new construction, there is a huge addressable market whose needs aren't being fully met,” said Tim Costello, CEO of’s parent company, Austin-based Builders Digital Experience (BDX). “Research shows that home buyers are frustrated with real estate websites that don’t effectively cater to new home buyers. HomLuv’s visual, design-forward approach gives buyers and builders a shared language, eliminating confusion, streamlining the process and creating a great experience for both."

The TRI Pointe Group is one of the 1,000 new home builders featured on the site, and Linda Mamet, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at TRI Pointe Group, believes the platform will be a game-changing new tool for the online home shopping process.

"We are excited about this new digital experience for consumers because we know just how much visuals dominate the online marketplace. matches us with potential buyers who are looking for the kind of homes and communities we build, and it's the perfect platform to present buyers with key points such as interior images, floor plans, videos, location, price and more so they can find their unique design voice and really visualize what they want in a new home," says Mamet.