Housing rock star Ivy Zelman, design and technology bright light John Maeda, and everyman string theorist Brian Greene headline the now-set program for BUILDER and Metrostudy's Housing Leadership Summit, May 11-13 at Turnberry Isle.

Think, for a moment, about what Ivy Zelman has done, becoming one of home building's most powerful and influential capital players, and one of the production home building's clairvoyant participants. Her story--with a relatively modest start as an analyst covering public home builders--is one of building a name brand, thanks to trusted and powerfully informed counsel among her immediate colleagues and team, and her wider network of home builder contacts. By knowing privately held home builders in many markets, she could keep the big publics honest in their assessment of their market performance. The Zelman brand now stands for precision, for timing the home building investment cycle's opportunity and risk, and for calling the market as it is, not as people wish it to be.

The Housing Leadership Summit conference theme spotlights a similar pain and opportunity point for production home builders large and small: the need to think and act differently to succeed now in home building, and the essential role your team plays in those differences. BUILDER and its partner Metrostudy can and will give you a high-level, immersive, energizing, 360-degree panoramic view of your team's challenge and opportunity for the coming 12 months, the likes of which no other home building conference event can do.

So, we've built a conference program to give you two-and-a-half days of challenge, provocation, fun, interaction, and pause, so that you and your teams can come away with clarity, a few action points, and a sense of specific opportunities ahead of you.

Just as we believe that home builders need to think differently, about everything--from how profoundly changed the tools, the timing, and the decision-making process is for home buyers in today's marketplace to the ways operational workflows and management need economics as a driver along with logistics to the ways that cultural values take seed and become your enterprise--we also believe the Housing Leadership Summit needs to work differently.

So, we've looked for ways to disrupt the program--to highlight people and processes so that our audience can get the biggest bang for their attendance buck.

  • We've fully integrated our Metrostudy partners, along with their powerful network of regional directors into our program and its exclusive access to data and actionable insight.
  • We've lined up seven company "teams," with top executive management and key operational partners, each to explore how a strategic imperative takes shape, finds traction, and gets executed across the enterprise.
  • We've created networking cushion-time so that you can spend discretionary, relaxed time with your peers and friends from other companies in the community.
  • We've got a host of eloquent, inspiring, and clear-sighted high-level leaders of companies we all respect to stand up and let us know what they see and what they want to know as they continue to drive their organizations to thrive as the market morphs.
  • And, as always, we've got the money--financial services players ranging from sponsor Wells Fargo to other capital investment sources will be there with a keen focus on finding opportunity on the ground with you, and helping to provide the resources to make it happen.

The Hanley Wood team guarantees this to be a Housing Leadership Summit like never before, and I'm proud to tell you this team is the best at what it does in the business. We'll look forward to seeing you there. Please contact me at [email protected] if I can address any questions you might have about the event.