The Big Build is a free annual festival hosted by the National Building Museum (NBM) in Washington, D.C. This hands-on event invites families and guests of all ages to try a variety of construction experiences from simple tasks like driving or removing nails to complex projects such as building a masonry wall, assembling a log cabin, carving stone, or designing and creating an object from scratch to take home. Participants also get to climb aboard several large pieces of equipment including a crane. 

In addition to motivating young builders-to-be with activities and big trucks, the museum also asks professionals from numerous fields to come instruct and inspire throughout the day. The expected 6,000 attendees can meet and work side-by-side with contractors, woodworkers, stone masons, electricians, plumbers, metal fabricators, landscape architects, and many other experts who are eager to share details about their professions. For the first time in the festival’s 12-year history, the NBM is adding a sustainable building component. This new showcase will inform visitors on the growing commitment from the construction industry to conserve resources and protect our natural environment. 

The Big Build is being held on Sept. 21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will have activities set-up throughout the museum and on its grounds.