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Selecting the right construction management software is a crucial but often overlooked step in the home building business. Builders often end up patching together a variety of systems to handle everything from payroll and accounting to scheduling and sales. This ends up creating extra work instead of helping the business to run smoothly.

Researching and selecting new management software is not for the faint of heart, writes ProSales editor Craig Webb. Here, he offers 10 steps to getting it right.

It’s common to take up to a year examining software programs before choosing one, and you could still make a decision you’ll regret. But it’s more likely you’ll discover that what you thought was a deep dive into the software barely took you below the surface. “Due diligence can only go so far,” notes Meagan McCoy Jones, COO of McCoy’s Building Supply.

Once you’ve made a commitment, it’s time to really get to know what you’ve bought. This system is going to figure into just about everything you do, so the more you learn about it now, the better you’ll be on go-live day and beyond.

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