Today we begin the rollout of home building’s most-anticipated rankings with the Next 100, a listing of the top 101 to 200 U.S. home builders by closings. (Tomorrow we'll unveil the big list, the BUILDER 100.)

Builders had a slightly tougher time moving into the Next 100 list for 2015 than the year before--the threshold to entry was 120 closed units compared to 110 in 2014. Fifteen companies that were not on the Next 100 list in 2014 were able to land a coveted spot for 2015. The newbies are listed here, ranked by closings:

302Park Square Homes, Orlando, Fla.
242Hubbell Homes, West Des Moines, Iowa
206Stone Martin Builders, Opeilika, Ala.
202Candlelight Homes, South Jordan, Utah
202Keystone Homes, Greensboro, N.C.
179The Warmington Group, Costa Mesa, Calif.
146The Evergreene Cos., Chantilly, Va.
146Ivey Homes, Evans, Ga.
142Caruso Homes, Crofton, Md.
141McKee Homes, Fayetteville, N.C.
139Stylecraft Homes, Richmond, Va.
138Colina Homes, Houston
137Permian Homes, Midland, Texas
130Jim Tibbe Homes, Wyoming, Mich.
123Comstock Holdings, Reston, Va.

Click here to view the entire Next 100 list.