1. Legrand

Legrand's Intuity system is designed to be a flexible, repeatable differentiator that won't break the bank or stall production. Its modular components make up the HA7000 automation controller, which provides Internet connectivity and support of Legrand subsystems, including security cameras, intercom, lighting control, and audio. The system, ideal for homes sized from 2,200 to 3,500 square feet, also accepts third-party Z-Wave components for features like door locks and thermostats. Consumers will appreciate the seamless interface across online, mobile, and wall-mounted devices; system training and marketing support is available for builders. legrand.us

2. Honeywell

The Lyric product line now includes a professional-grade home security system with awareness cameras and motion, smoke, and intruder detectors. It also integrates with myriad home automation products, such as connected thermostats, lighting, and lock controls. Lyric home security responds to voice commands based on personalized pre-sets. Connection with the Lyric thermostat allows for temperature adjustments based on geolocation, and cameras let users keep an eye on what's happening. lyric.honeywell.com

3. KitchenAid

KitchenAid's new generation of 30-inch slide-in ranges offers many features, including a wireless probe to monitor cooking temperature that allows home cooks to track their meals without repeatedly opening the oven door. Other features include Easy Convect Conversion that automatically converts traditional cooking temperatures to their convection equivalents; the maker's FIT system, guaranteeing a perfect fit in the slide-in opening; updated design elements; and available downdraft ventilation. kitchenaid.com

4. Ilumi

Ilumi's A19 and BR30 Flood Smartbulbs both offer Bluetooth Smart mesh wireless connectivity. With the Smart mesh, users can connect more than 50 ilumi Smartbulbs wirelessly with a potential range of over 150 feet. The Smartbulbs work with a companion app that provides guided, personalized setup for features like presence detection, wellness lighting, nightlight and wake-up lighting, and vacation mode. Smartbulbs' color capabilities also can be synced to beat in time with the user's music. The A19 delivers 60 watts and fits everyday light fixtures, fans, pendants, and more; the BR30 adds a larger diffusion area, delivering more than 85 watts. ilumi.co

5. Key Digital

Homeowners can get in the high-tech home groove with CasaTunes Multi-Room Music Systems, which are now compatible with Key Digital's Compass Control System. Compass Control uses the Apple iOS platform as its backbone. CasaTunes features music browsing, queue control, playback control, and more through the app. The systems are designed for use in all homes, regardless of how much or how little pre-wiring is present, and can stream music to up to 24 rooms and 10 wireless or networked speakers. keydigital.com