Construction managers can’t effectively oversee projects when they’re tethered to a desk. For successful projects, managers needs to be in the field and on the jobsite. Mobile apps, which allow managers to work from the road, have changed the way construction pros do business.

But when it comes to construction-related apps, there are so many choices. Should you choose an app that is celebrated for project management, but not necessarily construction-specific? Or what about well-known construction software vendors — are their mobile apps just as good as the desktop version?

The whole process of picking the right construction apps is ultimately frustrating and time consuming. To help with the selection process, I’ve narrowed down the list of over 100 construction-specific mobile apps to just three, each of which is a great fit for contractors with different needs. Click through for more info about each one. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll be grateful to be able to access all of your project information with a swipe and a tap.