Mixing and mingling at the NEXTadventure reveal party the night before the International Builders' Show provided a purview into the culture that CEO Sheryl Palmer has created at Taylor Morrison. Many of the staff were present because they were stakeholders in this yearlong project, and they were excited to see the product launch.

Speaking to these employees was a testament to the leadership that Palmer provides and the respect that she has gained with everyone at the company. Employees talk about her with pride in their voice and share personal stories about her because they have had meaningful interactions with her.

At the event, Palmer was relaxed and impressed by her team’s output. She toured the NEXTadventure home and was excited by the livability of it. The floor plan, which was created from a combination of team member experts and buyer feedback, is flexible enough for many types of buyers and their lifestyle needs—from single buyers to couples. Palmer said regardless of who the buyer is, they aren’t going to want to leave the home.

The culture Palmer has created at Taylor Morrison has resulted in a team environment where everyone at every level of the organization contributes, and everyone has a desire to evolve and improve. She coaches her employees to never accept things at face value, encouraging them to dig in and provide value to their buyers. Palmer considers this a requirement to deliver the best of the best. She compares how the company is run to a lifelong journey of learning—they are always shifting to make sure they understand what the buyer wants, and Palmer says the challenge is to always be better.

Culture of Lifelong Learning Delivers Product that Suits the Buyer

More than 500 people toured the NEXTadventure home in Orlando to explore a product that is relevant to 55-plus buyer demographic. Palmer points out that this home makes sure that the buyer is comfortable in their environment by delivering innovation and technology in a way that is appropriate to them—that’s true innovation, she says.

Taylor Morrison focuses on the 55-plus crowd, and the NEXTadventure is a true compass for what those buyers are looking for in the next phase of their lives. When these buyers choose Taylor Morrison to deliver on what they are looking for, Palmer says it’s a real honor.