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Metaverse Building Concepts to Become Homes for People in Need

Red Wing Shoes’ new Builders Exchange Program aims to connect real-world and... More

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Salt Lake City Offers Cash Prizes for Tiny Home Designs

The first-place winners will receive $1,000 and may be asked to develop the design... More

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Los Angeles Tackles Housing Crisis with Streamlined ADU Process

The new program aims to speed up approvals for ADUs and could help combat the... More

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Couple Builds Stunning Miniature Home During Quarantine

"It's a perfectly scaled and expertly crafted three-story, mid-century modern home... More

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How the Pandemic Fueled the Tiny-House Movement and Where It's Going in 2021

Industry leaders are hoping to transform the tiny-house fad into a legitimate form... More

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Can ADUs Be a Solution for Post-COVID Retirement Communities?

Derek Huegel, owner of Wolf Industries, answers a few questions on how accessory... More

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The Freedonia Group: Demand for Modular Housing to Grow 5% Annually Through 2024

Homeowner interest in modular housing is projected to increase at the expense of... More

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Tiny Homes Classified As RVs Gaining Popularity

Sales are up 16% year-over-year and are most popular in Texas. More

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