Sustainable Development

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What It Takes to Develop a Successful Agrihood

Meristem Communities' Clayton Garrett explains the idea behind Indigo, a community... More

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Q&A with Meritage's Phillippe Lord on Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship Strategies

Learn how Meritage Homes has adopted enhanced multispeed HVAC systems as standard... More

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Passivhaus Comes To South Dakota

A house designed to produce more energy than it uses is attracting attention out... More

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California Prefab Builder Goes Scandinavian

Modular builder Plant Prefab teams up with the U.K.-based Koto on a new line of... More

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Money And Climate: The Decarbonization War Thrusts Housing Into The Spotlight

For practical, profitable action toward building places for our children's... More

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Dead Mall in Nashville Coming Back to Life With Residential

The abandoned 600,000 square foot property in Antioch will be re-purposed into an... More

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Here's 5 Essential New Rules To Master Plan Mastery

Missed our inaugural FuturePlace gathering in Miami? Check out these key take-aways. More

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