Sales Negotiation

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Cultivating a Culture of Effective Closers in Sales

‘The modern buyer is bombarded with an array of choices, leading to what is... More

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Strategies for Sustaining Community Momentum in 2024

Hear from Jeff Shore on the benefits of tracking behaviors. More

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What the NAR Antitrust Ruling Means for Builders

Agents aren't going away any time soon, but the ruling signals significant change... More

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Why You Should Turn Some Customers Away

Sometimes it's better to walk away than to take on a difficult buyer whose... More

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Jeff Shore: The Three ‘R’s’ of Self-Generated Traffic

It’s not easy to sell in this market, but these tips can help sales teams close... More

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Resale Homes Are Used—Let's Start Saying So

It's time we stop going along with euphemisms that make older homes sound more... More

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The 4:2 Formula and Selling in the Current Market: Q+A With Jeff Shore

The founder and president of Shore Consulting shares thoughts about the 10th... More

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Jeff Shore: Buyers are Skittish, Worried, and Concerned

Key takeaways from Shore's annual sales and marketing summit. More

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6 Strategies to Overcome Price Objections

Hear from Jeff Shore on how it's not just about setting a price tag; it’s about... More

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