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3 Surprising Lessons in Water Management Science­

A wave of costly lawsuits changed the industry for good. More

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Military Housing at Fort Belvoir, Va. Infected With Mold

The problem is widespread in military housing. More

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Why this Time-Tested and Versatile Performer May Never Go Obsolete

Plywood structural panels stand up to moisture, wind, weight, and insects. More

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3 Ways Builders Can Improve Their Moisture Management System

Mismanaged water can have big consequences. Does your moisture management strategy... More

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Health Kick

Are healthier homes the 'next big thing?' BUILDER joins builders on the path to... More

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Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer

This low-VOC finish has no EPA-listed hazardous air pollutants More

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LP Building Products' LP SolidGuard LSL

LP Building Products treated laminated strand lumber (LSL) with zinc borate to... More

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Untapped Material: Industrial Hemp's Potent Potential

Though it's been slow to gain acceptance in the United States, industrial hemp may be a key building material of the future. More

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