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Practical Details for Earthquake-Resilient Buildings

Shear walls and strong connections are key in resisting the lateral forces that... More

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Can Digital Engineering Tools Improve Sustainability and Efficiency?

BUILDER contributor Emily Newton explores the impact of digital engineering tools... More

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A New Era In Interior Solutions Takes A Lesson From Japanese Satoyama

Learn how SoCal-based Ryan Young bridged an East-meets-West cultural gap in... More

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Indoor Air Becomes A New Home Builder's Best Friend As Double-Crises Tilt The Playing Field

Take a look at how a young South Florida builder looks at today's challenges as... More

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GenZ Will Loom Large In Housing's 2020s Recovery: How Pandemics And Climate Connect

Learn how the leading edge of 67 million post-Millennials will call home builder... More

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Fortress Infinity I-Series Decking

Learn about a new bamboo capped-composite board that the manufacturer says offers... More

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Deltec Homes' Circular Home Design Prevents Severe Damage During Hurricanes

The builder's aerodynamic round building envelope was developed to work with... More

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S.F.'s Millennium Tower to Lean No More

Homeowers association announces plans for a permanent fix. More

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