Hive 50 Honors

For amplifying generative and computational design’s role in skilling architects, engineers, and builders to work together to achieve results that add up to greater than the sum of their parts.

What You Need To Know

EvolveLab, a Boulder, Colo.–based BIM consultancy, believes in an untapped opportunity to optimize built projects and automate processes by way of using computational design and option engineering. The firm develops open source custom tools, including dynamo scripts, web dashboards, and Revit Add-ins. We implement BIM processes by creating Revit templates, Revit families, and custom schedules.

Who’s Involved

Bill Allen, founder and CEO; Brian D. Juge, architect/COO; Ben Guler, senior design technologist; Jake Spasaro, construction technologist; Chris Woodward, design technologist; Alfonso Maldonado, client relations; and Mark Irvin, regional solutions director


Boulder/Denver-based Bill Allen founded EvolveLab in June 2015.