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For subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful in 3D visualized, hyper-locational data, filtered to improve real estate, design, and construction planning and decision chains.

What You Need To Know

Gridics helps municipalities in three ways. First, a unified 3D interactive map and zoning code website allows municipal staff and citizens to visualize the buildable capacity of every parcel as allowed by zoning and publish code text changes in real-time. Second, online property lookup tools deliver deep, parcel-specific zoning data to help citizens get answers to common zoning questions which significantly reduces phone calls and in-person visits to the planning staff. Third, municipal staff members can easily run 3D scenario analysis of current zoning allowances, visualize proposed zoning changes and more quickly check permit applications and development plans for compliance.

Who’s Involved

Gridics key team members include president/CEO Jason Doyle; co-founder Max Zabala; co-founder Felipe Azenha. Investor/advisers include Peter Richards, Dune Road Capital; Daniel Lebensohn, BH3 Development; Avra Jain, Vagabond Group; and CEO Rob Kall and CTO Ben Strum at Cien.

Time Stamp

Founded in July 2015, Gridics raised a $1.6 million round of seed funding in 2017, led by South Florida developer BH3.