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Missing-Middle Housing Bill in Washington Receives Support from Industry

The proposed bill would allow up to fourplex development on all residential lots,... More

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Kansas City-Based Architect Tackles the Design of Two Complementary Custom Homes

The dashing, side-by-side duo—Art House and Courtyard House—were designed and... More

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Dallas Development Services Rolls Out Rapid Single-Family VIP Program

For qualifying projects, the appointment-based program can help builders get their... More

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California Lawmakers Back Pair of Housing Production Bills

Both bills would open up much of the state's commercial land for residential... More

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The Housing Shortage Has Spread Through Middle America

A report by Up For Growth shares the transition from housing surplus to shortage... More

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Habitat for Humanity International Discusses Closing the Black Homeownership Gap

Experts in housing, diversity, and inclusion present ways to tackle the issue with... More

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Regulation Accounts for More Than 40% of Multifamily Development Costs

Research conducted by the NAHB and the NMHC indicates changes to building codes,... More

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California Governor Signs Bills Ending Single-Family-Only Zoning

Gov. Newsom officially ended the over 100-year scourge of single-family-only... More

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Three Lawsuits Filed Against Contra Costa County For New-Home Approvals in Protected Open Space

Danville, California's lawsuit follows suits from environmental groups and the... More

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