VELUX has created a new Sun Tunnel skylight series to meet expanded wildland-urban interface (WUI) zone and Class A burning brand code requirements. The TZR and TZRL Wildfire Glass Curb-Mount Sun Tunnel Skylights achieve high-level fire resistance with flame-resistant construction and ignition-resistant tempered diamond wire glass in the standard pane.

According to VELUX, about 44 million homes, or one-third of all homes in the country, are located in WUI zones, where residential development meets undeveloped wildlands prone to fires. “The ignition-resistant wire glass on the new Sun Tunnel is designed to prevent the glass from dropping to the floor and igniting a fire inside the home,” says Ross Vandermark, director of national product management for VELUX North America. “It is a prime option for homes in WUI zones as flame-resistant construction can help preserve property.”

The new Sun Tunnels incorporate a 14-inch fixed curb-mounted skylight with an adapter for a standard 14-inch reflective aluminum tunnel. The TZR 014 model is designed for tile roofs and does not include a flashing kit. (An ECW high-profile tile flashing kit is available separately.) The TZRL 014 is made for shingle roofs and includes a shingle roof flashing kit and adhesive underlayment.

Both models include 64 inches of tunnel material, two 12-inch, 45-degree elbows, and a 16-inch top collar.