Alside has added a new series of trim solutions for its Mezzo series of full-frame replacement vinyl windows, designed to save on time, labor and materials during installation.

The Trimworks Decorative Accents are available in three designs: Brickmold, available in 1.5-inch and 3/4-inch sizes; 3.5-inch Flat Casing, available four-sided or with a bullnose sill; and Flushmount, for masonry openings. Each of the trims is manufactured with each window, and Alside’s SwiftLock technology allows these trims to snap-to-fit. The end result, according to the manufacturer, is a precise fit that stands up to wind and temperature extremes.

“Trimworks Decorative Accents were created with the window dealer in mind,” says Shawn Hardy, senior vice president and general manager of integrated products for Alside. “They’re fabricated at the same time the window is made for an exact color match and fit, no matter the size or configuration. The attachment method ensures a secure, perfect fit every time.”

According to the manufacturer, use of the Trimworks Decorative Accents can save 20 to 40 minutes of installation time per window, reduce waste materials during installation, and reduce the need for special installation equipment or training.

The accents are available in three extruded vinyl colors and ten painted colors.

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