Crescent Tools’ new Z2 Pliers series adds 35 new options to its product catalog, including 18 types of groove-joint pliers, 12 types of solid-joint pliers, and five plier sets.

According to the manufacturer, each one of the pliers is packed with “next-level” design features that improve the tools’ effectiveness, efficiency, and durability. "When we set out to make better pliers, we turned to our customers to find out what features they needed to complete their jobs," says Jarrett Wolf, product manager for Crescent Tools. "We talked to professionals in different trades with different needs and distilled that information down to create features that make a difference in their day-to-day work."

The manufacturer-nominated “showstopper” of the Z2 collection is the Crescent Z2 8-inch Needle Nose Pliers. Each one features a six-zone head, laser-hardened cutting edges, high-leverage joint design, cross-hatched jaw and wire puller notch, torque zone for pulling, twisting, and cutting, non-marring grip zone for turning decorative fasteners, fastener grip area for nuts and bolts, and a cut zone for extreme cutting applications.

The Z2 line also includes:

  • Tongue & Groove Pliers, which grip and turn at angles up to 35 degrees and feature up to 10 jaw positions;
  • Slip Joint Pliers, featuring a curved jaw design and deep integrated wire cutter;
  • Diagonal Pliers, designed with a 20-degree head angle;
  • And Linesman Pliers, featuring a high-leverage joint and fish tape channel designed for use with flat steel tapes.

All pliers are available with dual-material handles with tether points, with an option for dipped handles.

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