Creating a functional living space for homeowners is an essential job of professional builders. That’s only half the responsibility, though, as they must also build homes that are structurally sound and provide protection from the elements. New housewrap and sheathing products aim to meet both needs while reducing labor burdens and ensuring the safety of the house.

Envelope Envy
LP Building Solutions introduced WeatherLogic alongside LP’s new SmartSide Smooth Trim & Siding. The WeatherLogic system incorporates two products—a 4 x 8 structural oriented-strand board with a weather-resistant overlay and LP’s WeatherLogic Seam & Flashing Tape. Together, the products serve as structural paneling and exterior sheathing, forming a tight, vapor-permeable envelope. The system, which comes with a 30-year warranty, protects the home during construction, improves energy efficiency, and promotes a clean jobsite, the company notes.

Sticking to Metal
Boral Roofing’s self-adhering MetalSeal underlayment is designed especially for metal roofing but can be used with any roofing type and installed in any climate or temperature, its maker says. The underlayment sheet is designed to bond directly to the roof deck or base sheet upon installation, self-sealing around fastener penetrations to protect against rain, snow, and ice. During construction, MetalSeal is designed to remain intact under high foot traffic and provide traction for safe installation.

Moisture Protection
The DuPont Tyvek DrainVent Rainscreen creates a 6 millimeter/0.25-inch space behind a home’s exterior cladding for water drainage and air movement. This allows for drying behind cladding and protects against moisture damage to exterior walls, including rot, cracking, and peeling. DrainVent can be installed behind stucco, stone veneer, brick, wood, fiber cement, and metal panel cladding. The roll cuts easily, rolls tightly against corners, and lays flat. The material carries both a high perm rating for breathability and a Class A fire rating as per ASTM E84.

Bulk Water Removal
Benjamin Obdyke’s drainable HydroGap housewrap is engineered to remove bulk water up to 100 times more quickly than a typical housewrap, according to the manufacturer. The product, available in 9- and 10-foot widths for large volumes, creates a drainage space between the sheathing and cladding material during construction, enabling water to quickly escape the building envelope, a feature that’s especially helpful in harsh climates.

Moisture Manager
TYPAR’s Drainable Wrap addresses the need for added moisture management through an integrated drainage plane that diverts bulk water from exterior wall cavities and drains it away from the assembly, preventing potential damage caused by mold and rot.

A Little Peace and Quiet
CertainTeed’s SilentFX QuickCut noise-reducing drywall features a viscoelastic polymer between two specially formulated dense gypsum cores. This composition is intended to significantly improve sound attenuation and be well suited for systems requiring high STC performance. Designed with ease of installation in mind, QuickCut can be quickly scored and snapped to help reduce labor costs. The boards also incorporate CertainTeed’s M2Tech technology, which enables them to resist moisture penetration and mold growth, preventing future air-quality issues in the home.

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