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2019 Product Guide: Structural

The newest cement boards, insulation, and weatherization systems push for greater... More

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That's a Wrap: New Sheathing and Housewrap Products

New housewrap and sheathing products aim to reduce labor burdens and ensure the... More

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2017 Product Guide: Building Envelope

We've got you covered with some of the best products in siding, windows, doors,... More

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Roofing Underlayment Just Got a Lot Lighter

Typar's new ultra-strong product is seven times lighter than felt. More

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Builder's 2012 Concept Homes: Gen Y

A young couple starting out needs room for a growing family, plus space for visiting friends and relatives. More

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BUILDER's Concept Home 2011

KB Home builds a net-zero residence for average Americans with the Martha Stewart touch. More

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A Home for the New Economy

Easy to finance, build, market, and maintain, BUILDER'S prototype home takes flexibility to a new level. More

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That's a Wrap

Let's face it, housewrap—the thin sheet of material that goes between the sheathing and the siding—won't save you money or help you sell houses. In fact, if you ditched the housewrap you'd probably save yourself some cash up front. But omitting the product would be a really bad idea, because that thin layer is one of the most important things protecting your house from moisture—and you from unnecessary headaches or, worse, potential legal problems. More

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Mold-Free Model Home

Show houses are a great way for builders and manufacturers to showcase the latest... More

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