PAM Fasteners - Especially well suited to drywall applications, the PC-12 Cordless Screw Gun has a lightweight, ergonomic design that makes quick work of large projects. The tool accommodates 1- to 2-inch fasteners with 600 to 900 screws per charge and is ideal for use where a corded tool is inconvenient or electrical power is not available. 704.394.3414. Booth W5995.

Quest Solutions - One of the biggest upgrades to the maker's flagship estimating software is one of the easiest to overlook. Estimator 7.0 now uses a Standard Query Language (SQL) database to replace the engine used in earlier versions. The SQL platform can better handle large volumes of data, makes compatibility with accounting systems and other programs easier, and keeps all client records in one place for better organization and management. 800.452.2342. Booth W4559.

Quiet Solution - QuietRock 510 soundproof drywall panels are ½ inch thick and come in panel sizes of 4 feet wide by 8, 9, 10, or 12 feet long. Installed, the material delivers solid sound reduction with STC ratings of 49 to 68 depending on construction techniques and material combinations, according to the company. 408.541.8000. Booth S11520.

Rinnai - Staying in contact with the maker's tankless water heater unit via radio frequency, the MR-502RC wireless remote controller lets users remodel or retrofit a tankless water heater without any electrical wiring. Homeowners can adjust water temperatures for any fixture in the home. The unit is equipped with a display diagnostic codes, in-use indicator, priority indicator, out-of-range indicator, and four levels of signal strength. The controller has a range of up to 65 feet, average battery life of up to one year, and comes with a cradle for neat and secure storage. 800.621.9419. Booth W5753, Lot W1983.

Royal Mouldings - From the Porch Collection, Portico is a soft blue ceiling planking that comes pre-finished with solid color throughout. Based on science that shows that blue ceilings repel insects, the material also offers the relaxing feeling of a blue sky all year long. Portico offers a lifetime guarantee against rot and features a unique nail fin for a nail-free face that installs 16 inches on-center. The moisture-proof material never needs replacement, the maker says. 800.368.3117.

Makita - The solid steel blades on the model JS8000 fiber cement shear kit are designed to cut clean, straight lines with a maximum cutting capacity up to 5/16 inch. The ½-inch protected spindle withstands heavy torque loads from the 6.5 amp motor, and the single-piece cutting head is machined from precisely milled aluminum to ensure straight cuts. A retractable tool hook lets users to work in tight spaces, and a lock-on button allows for continuous operation. 800.462.5482. Booth W229.