“Demand for home organization products in the US is forecast to increase 3.5% per year through 2019 to $10.5 billion,” according to The Freedonia Group. The reason being is families have accumulated more stuff than ever before. The result is filled cabinets, closets, and shelves–leaving little room for anything else. These cluttered spaces can add unwanted stress into the lives of residents. Successful builders profit from these home buyer demands by offering a modern take on functional storage solutions.

Master Bedroom

A walk-in closet located in the master bedroom is an amenity that many homebuyers are looking for when scouting real estate. Many companies have developed systems to accommodate this demand with products like ClosetMaid’s MasterSuite—a luxury organization system offered in a variety of color options to complement any home’s interior.


The kitchen tends to be one of the most cluttered areas within a home. The challenge with kitchen storage is that all too often items are tucked back behind one another. Full walk-in pantry closets are gaining popularity. Implementing ventilated wire shelving or a shelf and rod system like ClosetMaid’s ExpressShelf, which requires no caulking or painting and can be installed quickly, says the manufacturer... Close Mesh, also by ClosetMaid, features a 5/8” wire separation design to keep slim objects from tipping, while also supporting larger items such as small appliances, pots, pans, and food storage containers.

Laundry Room

With the washer and dryer already taking up a significant amount of space, homeowners tend to only have room for what can fit in a laundry basket. SuperSlide by ClosetMaid opens up laundry rooms. This shelving system allows for the addition of closet rod supports and closet rods – forming a hanging system for clean clothes.

According to a study by NAHB, the most wanted feature for homebuyers is a laundry room. In the case of smaller homes, squeezing in additional storage for this space may be an impossible endeavor. Builders can take advantage of upper wall space with products like SuperSlide, which can be cut to customizable lengths, making it an ideal locale for folded clothes, linens, and cleaning agents.


Space is at a premium in small rooms like the bathroom – and one of buyers’ most desirable amenities for the master bath is a linen closet. Linen closets may be narrow, so implementing adjustable shelving can be crucial to a builder’s success.

New and Versatile Products Fit for Any Home

Millennials, for example, are choosing to live close to an urban core and in smaller houses, according to a Realtor Magazine article. Designed for any room in any size home, ExpressShelf is a brand new shelf and rod system with quick and efficient installation. For builders, it can be installed in just one foot per minute, ensuring cycle efficiency – and ultimately delivering functional storage solutions for the type and size of today’s buyer preferred homes.

Living quarters can now be equipped with upgraded features whose purpose is twofold: aesthetics and functionality, because without both a home is not complete. Builders of homes of any size now have a comprehensive set of tools for organization, in line with contemporary design trends — something homeowners want and are willing to pay for.

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