Miele’s Generation 6000 combi-steam wall ovens offer the form and function of a steam oven with a wide variety of standard cooking modes, which may be individually specified or even combined according to the user’s preferences.

The ovens are equipped with Miele’s MultiSteam technology, which uses six to eight steam inlets to facilitate even steam distribution and quick heat-up times. On top of steam cooking, the operating modes include sous-vide, broiling, reheating, standard and convection baking, browning, surround, intensive, convection roasting, and Combination cooking, which uses a combination of moisture and blower heat. Users can individually adjust the unit’s temperature from 104 to 437 degrees Fahrenheit, or its moisture content from 0% to 100%, to fine-tune cooking preferences.

The unit’s control panel may be opened with a single touch, and users can fill the water container and empty the condensate container without opening the cooking area. (The 6705-1, 6805-1, 6865 AM and 6765 models feature plumbed fresh water and drain connections.)

The control panel also houses the built-in roast probe, which continually monitors the core temperature of meat, fish, and poultry and informs users of the meat’s doneness and time remaining automatically.

The combi-steam ovens are available in a total of nineteen models and configurations, with two cavity sizes – the 1.82 cubic foot XL cavity or 2.51 cubic foot XXL – and a brilliant white, Clean Touch Steel, or obsidian black finish. The 6500 and 6600 models use a five-line SensorTronic control, while the 6700 and 6800 series incorporate the M Touch touchscreen panel.

All models come with Miele’s automatic MasterChief programs, which provide step by step instructions for over 200 dishes, including temperatures and oven modes. Pricing starts at $4,149.00. mieleusa.com

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