ISOtunes FREE Aware
Courtesy ISOtunes ISOtunes FREE Aware

ISOtunes, a manufacturer of Bluetooth hearing protection, announced the launch of three new models: AIR DEFENDER, LINK 2.0, and FREE Aware. The new lineup provides customers of any experience level, across all markets, with innovative hearing protection.

“As our brand and product offerings continue to evolve, we’re discovering new and innovative ways to provide hearing protection to consumers across all industries and skill levels, ranging from the family handyperson and DIYer with a spring project, to the skilled professionals working with power tools and heavy machinery,” says Eric Murphy, co-founder of ISOtunes. “Providing affordable and practical solutions to hearing protection is our top priority, and our customers will see that reflected in the new products.”

The new ISOtunes AIR DEFENDER is ideal for those who may be new to hearing protection technology, offering user-friendly equipment and competitive pricing. The Bluetooth earmuff features memory foam ear cushions, for those who prefer over-ear headphones to safely listen to music while working on home projects.

Courtesy ISOtunes ISOtunes AIR DEFENDER

ISOtunes AIR DEFENDER is 24% lighter than preceding over-ear devices, and is completed with background noise-reducing microphones for clear calls in loud environments, says the manufacturer. SafeMax Technology delivers exceptional audio quality while limiting the volume output to 85 dBA for OSHA compliance.

For those with more advanced projects, ISOtunes LINK 2.0 is for professionals who work with power tools, power equipment, and heavy machinery on a daily basis, offering the brand’s highest level of over-ear noise isolation. The over-ear model has impressive sound quality, a cushioned headband for user comfortability, raised buttons for easier detection, and also features ISOtunes’ SafeMax Technology.

Last, for the tech-savvy workers who use power tools and power equipment, ISOtunes FREE Aware is a true wireless level-dependent hearing protector that offers enhanced audio technology so customers can protect their hearing, enhance their situational awareness, and communicate face-to-face without removing the earbuds. With omni-directional microphones, users no longer have to block the sounds they want to hear, like colleagues or warning signals, in order to protect themselves from harmful noises.