Building products manufacturer Johnson Controls is introducing a new compact residential heat pump to its YORK brand—one specifically designed to provide the performance of a mid-tier efficiency unit at the same cost as a base-tier vertical heat pump.

The YORK HMH7 heat pump has a 40% smaller footprint, greater clearance, and greater setback flexibility than traditional vertical discharge pumps, according to the manufacturer. This allows for easier and more flexible installation in residential spaces, particularly in high-density regions or on properties with zero lot lines.

All units follow standard installation procedures and work with YORK variable-speed or standard ECM indoor air handling equipment.

“Unlike the standard vertical heat pumps, which discharge air out the top of the unit, these compact systems discharge air and sound horizontally away from the home, offering a litany of benefits to both the contractors and homeowners,” sats Bryan Rocky, director of residential technical services for ducted systems at Johnson Controls. “Horizontal discharge systems offer the consumer and homeowner enhanced value and performance in certain applications and installations where space is a premium, yet can be applied in any standard installations as well.”

The HMH7 heat pumps operate at up to 18 SEER and up to 10.5 HSPF. The units’ inverter systems continually adjust to outside conditions, avoiding energy spikes and enhancing system longevity. The units, available in 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-ton sizes, come with limited warranties on the compressor and parts.

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