In the years since the Environmental Protection Agency launched its voluntary Indoor airPLUS program in 2009, over 1,000 builders across the country have adopted its construction standards for improved air quality in residential structures. In order to meet these standards, builders should seek out products that contribute to the overall quality of life in the home - including air filtration, moisture control, and low-VOC building materials.

Here are some of the newest products recommended for use in healthy homes:

Installation of CertainTeed Air Renew drywall at the building being renovated at 14th and Flanders in Portland, Oregon.
Courtesy CertainTeed Installation of CertainTeed Air Renew drywall at the building being renovated at 14th and Flanders in Portland, Oregon.


The AirRenew M2Tech Gypsum Board, designed for interior walls and ceilings, works to enhance home air quality by capturing airborne formaldehyde and converting it into safe, inert compounds. Its gypsum core is moisture and mold-resistant, with less than 5% water absorption per ASTM C473 and a best possible score of 0 for mold resistance per ASTM G21. The AirRenew board will absorb formaldehyde through water-based acrylic paint or breathable wallpaper, but other primers and paint may reduce its absorption rate. The board is Greenguard Gold Certified and ULC listed for fire resistance.


The latest offering from the company’s Eco Products division allows professional designers and architects to integrate a healthy home ventilation system without sacrificing aesthetics. The WhisperRecessed LED conceals an 80 CFM vent fan behind an Energy Star 2.0-certified LED downlight, which quietly and unobtrusively exhausts indoor pollutants, allergens, and moisture from otherwise air-tight homes.

It requires only 20.5W to operate, and its ultra-efficient LED uses up to 40% less energy than CFL light sources.


Safecoat DuroTone, one of AFM’s newest safe coating products, is a semi-transparent, water-based wood stain, designed for use on unsealed interior wood surfaces. The stain contains no aromatic solvents, formaldehyde, or UV inhibitors, zero hazardous air pollutants, and very low VOCs at a maximum of 28.9 grams per liter.SafeCoat DuroTone is available in 11 colors, and one gallon of the product will cover a 450-square-foot surface.


The Rn4 High Suction EC radon fan, the most powerful of the company’s inline radon mitigation fans, is specifically designed for high-suction air performance. It features an ultra-efficient electronically commutated motor and is capable of 4.3 inches of suction while moving at 20 cfm, or it can provide greater air flow at a lower suction pressure—490 cfm at a minimum of 0.5 inches of suction. The product is vibration welded for 100% leak-proof housing construction, according to the manufacturer.

American Standard

The AccuClean Whole Home Air Cleaner removes up to 99.98% of allergens and particles from the air it filters, down to 0.1 micron in scale. The cleaner is eight times more effective than the best HEPA room air cleaner, and 100 times more effective than a standard filter, says the company. It is available in a variety of sizes and rates of air flow. The system was recently certified asthma & allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.


A closed system design and Triumph HEPA filtration component allows the Honeywell Central Vacuum System to collect and remove pollutants, allergens, and debris from the living areas it comes in contact with. The system’s compatible power units are fitted with a self-cleaning filter, and the system does not require any additional venting.

Depending on the size of the home or space, the vacuum system can range from 110” to 138” of suction power and 120 to 211 cfm of airflow. A wide variety of cleaning products are available for use with the system.

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