The Fantech Rn2 EC Radon Fan.
Fantech The Fantech Rn2 EC Radon Fan.

Fantech is following up its first electronically commutated radon fan with a new model, the Rn2 EC. The EC fan allows installers to easily adjust the fan’s speed to meet the performance needs of a given home installation.

According to the manufacturer, due to variations in soil densities, different homes require different fan flows and pressures in order to prevent radon infiltration. The Rn 2 EC motor’s versatility lets radon mitigators accommodate more soil types with a single unit, instead of multiple fan models. In addition, not overworking a fan motor increases the unit’s energy efficiency and lifespan, and lowers noise and vibration levels.

“As the second leading cause of lung cancer, radon remains an invisible yet deadly threat to many Americans, and Fantech’s lineup of radon fans has been a crucial defense against this silent killer,” says Crystal Lytle, radon sales manager at Fantech. “The new Rn2 EC fan is a game-changer, elevating our most popular, mainstay fan with optimization the squeezes every ounce of efficiency, streamlines specification for installers, and takes radon mitigation to the next level.”

The Rn2 EC can be specified with radon-specific low-durometer vibration-isolating couplings. LDVI couplings are composed of a more flexible material than standard plumbing couplings, easing installation and reducing noise through vibration isolation, according to the manufacturer. They may be used with both 3 and 4-inch PVC pipe connections and are compatible with any radon fan.

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