Rheem EcoSmart Tankless Electric Water Heater – available in four sizes suited for whole-home use – utilizes the EcoSmart brand’s self-modulation technology to use energy only when necessary to heat water. This reduces the unit’s potential for energy loss, according to the manufacturer, and allows for savings of up to 50% on water heating costs for the homeowner.

The whole home models include the ECO 18, 24, 27 and 36, each one named for their kilowatt use. Each model’s heating capacity depends on the climate in which it is installed; higher inlet water temperatures allow for greater volumes of simultaneous hot water use. The units are recommended by the manufacturer for use with large apartments, condos or townhomes in all climates, and larger single-family homes in warm climates.

The ECO 18’s capacity ranges from 1.8 gpm, or a single shower, to 4.3 gpm, or three simultaneous showers. The ECO 36’s capacity ranges from 3.6 gpm, or two showers and a sink, to 8.7 gpm, or four showers and two sinks. A regional map of inlet water temperatures is available on the EcoSmart website.

All EcoSmart tankless water heaters are lead-free, engineered to last for decades, and ETL CERTIFIED to UL 499. The units are compact, and may be installed anywhere in the home a power source is available. Each one includes an automatically-resettable thermostat, with digital temperature adjustments in increments of 1 degree.

“With EcoSmart, we are consistently innovating and providing environmentally friendly solutions for our customers, their clients’ lifestyle, and how we can make these green solutions easy to install, efficient, and energy-saving,” says Jens Bolleyer, Eemax’s VP and general manager. “We are proud to offer a wide variety of EcoSmart products that heats water faster, smarter, safer, and with more precision but less energy use and cost. Our products are the heat solution for every room in the home or as a whole house water heater.”

The EcoSmart Tankless Electric Water Heaters are available in a total of ten sizes, with smaller models for point-of-use or low-flow applications such as hand washing. ecosmartus.com

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