Security is important to home buyers; in fact a recent survey found that 62% of homeowners say that it's the top reason to own smart-home products.

But high-tech security products are becoming increasingly expensive as more companies charge monthly fees for service. Fortunately, there are still options for homeowners and renters that don’t require fees or contracts. They are also easy to install and simple to use via a smartphone or laptop. Here are a few systems that won't set your customers back every month:

Birdi is a smart smoke detector and home air monitoring system that can detect smoke and carbon monoxide while also monitoring air quality and alerts home owners via a mobile app. Once triggered, Birdi will set off lights, sirens and even send an alert via text to everyone that lives there, whether they’re home or not.

Birdi’s sensors are able to detect fast-burning and smoldering fires, while also minimizing false alarms. In addition to a safety solution, Birdi can also predict when it will rain or snow in your area and also alerts homeowners of pollen spikes, allergen outbreaks, harsh UV rays and more.

Presence Security is a whole home monitoring system that runs through People Power’s free Presence App, which turns an unused phone or tablet into a video surveillance system to monitor your home. With the addition of easy to install smart sensors, you can monitor entry, motion, water, temperature, humidity and touch changes in your house or the backyard with no required monthly fees.

Presence Security’s sensors help homeowners wirelessly monitor their backyard so they can remotely watch the kids playing, keep an eye on the BBQ, or check on a pet. Users can also share alerts with neighbors who will also be notified if something goes wrong.

Netatmo Presence is an outdoor security camera that detects and reports movement outside the home and can differentiate between people, cars and animal detection. Netatmo Presence also uses its mobile app to allow users to live stream and view their property in real-time.

To further protect the home at night, Netatmo Presence uses infra-red night vision, but also features a floodlight that can be manually turned on via the app or set to switch on when it detects either a person, car, animal or all three to deter unwanted visitors.

smanos’ W020i is a complete home security system that features an HD WiFi Camera, two door/window sensors, a remote control and smart home hub. smanos’ entire suite of home security products are easy to install and transfer and allow users to add accessories at any time through its mobile app. Additionally, smanos’ solutions don’t require any monthly fees or bind renters or homeowners into a year-long contract that may even surpass a lease.

Designed in the Netherlands, smanos’ solutions also feature a simple, compact and modern design that seamlessly integrates into a stylish home.

Canary is an indoor security camera available in three colors that detects motion and also monitors air quality, temperature and humidity. Featuring an HD camera, users can stream real-time video and receive instant alerts when activity is detected and also view recorded video content captured by Canary.

Canary’s unique home health technology feature also monitors air quality in the home to ensure comfort and safety. Easy to install, Canary will be a part of Apple’s new HomeKit integration this fall.

August Smart Lock lets homeowners use their smartphone as their key to lock and unlock the door, while also tracking who comes and goes with an activity log. Additionally, it’s great for homeowners or renters who regularly travel as it lets users create virtual keys for guests via their Android or iOS smartphone.

August also offers a smart keypad as an accessory to the smart lock that allows users to create custom entry codes to give to family, friends, and guests to lock and unlock the door.