Fantech has created a new control option for its lines of HRV and ERV appliances—the ECO-Touch Auto IAQ controller. Among other features, the system is able to automatically detect elevated volatile organic compounds in a home air system—whether from cooking, cleaning, or perfume—and automatically adjust ventilation performance to cycle in fresh air.

The touchscreen control panel allows homeowners to easily identify the home’s air quality status; when the home’s air quality is best, three leaves appear on the screen. The system also adjusts for elevated moisture in the home, and will adjust air circulation in response to events such as large gatherings.

“Think of ECO-Touch as the brains of your fresh air appliance, with the unit operating as the lungs. Much like the human body, the ECO-Touch IAQ will signal the fresh air appliance to ‘breathe,’” said Bruno Poitras, IAQ product manager at Fantech. “This automatic operation takes the burden off the homeowner while ensuring the air inside their home is fresh and optimized.”

The ECO-Touch Auto IAQ is available at an MSRP of $165.

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