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With the goal to be more inclusive with its appliance offerings, GE Appliances recently introduced two new product innovations geared toward Spanish-speaking and blind or low-vision customers.

First, a new washer features a Spanish-language control panel and customized features to make laundry more intuitive and efficient for Spanish-speaking families.

"We are thrilled to introduce this industry-first, Spanish-language product to Hispanic customers in the U.S., as it represents our long-standing commitment to offering innovative solutions that make laundry simpler,” says Michael Mattingly, executive director of product management for clothes care at GE Appliances. “Laundry is a labor of love in Hispanic households, and we’re creating products that integrate seamlessly into the lives and traditions of all Americans, especially in households where English is a second language.”

Beyond the Spanish control panel, GE tailored the appliance to account for specific laundry preferences that are popular for many Hispanic consumers. The new washer includes a custom Añadir Remojo (Extra Soaking) setting that adds 20 minutes of soaking to any cycle and features a Más Intenso (Intense Wash) setting for soiled items that combines soaking with additional agitation.

The washer also boasts a 4.5-cubic-feet capacity that allows for washing more clothes in fewer loads, ideal for multigenerational families.

GE Appliances

Second, the manufacturer debuted its first-ever Access Kit, an inclusive tactile offering. The kit of stickers, created in partnership with the American Printing House for the Blind (APH), is designed to meet the needs of users who are blind or low-vision and make thousands of GE Appliances more accessible.

“Our No. 1 goal with this offering is to make appliances more accessible for everyone,” says Chris Bissig, director of experience brand language at GE Appliances. “Our research showed that a lot of blind and low-vision consumers are devising their own complex systems just to navigate the settings on their appliances, making simple household tasks incredibly difficult. We are so grateful to our partners at APH, a true authority in this space, for helping us bring this product to life and make everyday living easier for those who are blind or low vision.”

The durable stickers are placed directly over existing controls, allowing appliance buttons, knobs, and other functions to be identifiable by touch. They are created to be easy to feel and differentiate with a thin and angular tactile design, according to the manufacturer. They are also transparent so the original text can still be viewed.

The company made the conscious choice to include both tactile symbols and braille. The full kit includes more than 400 stickers, comprised of over 150 unique stickers, dozens of universal symbols for countless products in every appliance category, and extras of each to cover multiple appliances in the home.

The kit is compatible with the majority of GE Appliances products, as well as other appliances. As new cooking and cleaning modes are introduced, GE will continue expanding the list of available tactile stickers.

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