Tile manufacturer Walker Zanger has created a new, fully custom collection available in thousands of ceramic tile shapes and color configurations, available made to order in single batches.

The Handmade to Order collection includes a choice of 32 white clay body shapes, including mesh-mounted mosaics and field and organic shapes, and 108 color options, including 38 entirely new to the brand. According to the manufacturer, the color spectrum was chosen to provide a range of warm and cool tones, as well as multiple values within a color spectrum, which customers can order blended in any of the pattern variations.

“After listening to the needs of our clients who are increasingly seeking personalized design options, Walker Zanger is excited to offer Handmade To Order as a customizable collection that is rooted in quality, authenticity, and artistry. We hope the collection will help in fulfilling individualized design visions and expression within the home,” says Erika Egede-Nissen, director of marketing at Walker Zanger.

Handmade to Order is a dealer-exclusive collection, and requires an eight to 10 week lead time due to its small batch manufacturing process. walkerzanger.com

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